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Item # and Description     Item # and Description
1. M1910 canteen cover15. Carton of .45 ammo
2. M1942 aluminum canteen and cup16. (3)30-round and (5)20-round .45 mag pouches
3. Map pouch17. 30-round .45 magazine bag with strap
4. M1936 “musette” bag18. M15 white phosphorous smoke grenade
5. Cigarettes, lighter, k rations, soap, shaving kit19. M18 colored smoke grenade
6. French currency20. Survival kit
7. M1943 dog tags21. First-aid pouch
8. Wrist compass22. Morphine and syrette
9. Spoon23. Field dressing and tourniquet23
10. First pattern parachutist’s rope coil24. M5 gas mask and M7 rubber assault carrying bag
11. MK II A1 fragmentation grenade25. M3 trench knife and M6 scabbard
12. Cricket26. M1910 entrenching tool and cloth cover
13. M1A1 Thompson27. B4 “Mae West” life jacket
14. 20-round Thompson mag pouch28. Airborne Insignia

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